Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Production Diary 3

Not much filming has been done since the weekend. That is to be expected since school is a worthless bitch. However, at this point, I have called it that officialy, everyone can start filming out of continuity if they want. And since it is just me and Logan, it is all good. A video which shall double as viral marketing is expected from Dan Wickwire, so we should be seeing that soon. How soon? IDK. At this point, as far as I know when and why, that is all that matters.

Now, while I did say that not much filming has ensued, it means alittle. What filming I have done is pretty much the diary scene after I watch Dan's video and the beginning credits. Casting for a "comming home from school scene" which serves a very, very good pourpose (one I'd rather not say now) is also ensuing, with me getting good feedback. And I am also negotiating for me to film a scene at my local Paradise Video film store (for the older horror fan, hint hint). However, it is nice to see me play Dean Cundey when it comes to me doing some scenes. One scene in particular is the beginning credits. That was a pain in the butt. A fun one though. I did the best job I could for the shooting of the beginning credits which is just a redo of the credits for "Halloween". The hardest thing to achieve was the nice plain black scene and then have the object of the scene (which was a jack-o-lantern in Halloween, a Ghostface mask in my film) just appear thanks to the lighing. So, at the risk of frying my poor lap top, I closed off the area to my stair case. I put up one silk kimono over the door to the garage so I could have total darkness, set up the camera, pin up the mask, and put under the mask of the floor with the screen on the floor my laptop, also covered with a black kimono. Filming of the shot goes on, 10 seconds of dakrness, and then I slowly take off the kimono to give a similar effect the beginning credits of Halloween gave. When checking the gate, the shot looked great. And it was not done in night vision either so it is great. A light source comming from the bottom looks great.

From what I do know, this film's principle photography will be done by Halloween. The script is a third written and everything seems to be going good. As far as my schedule goes, sometime this week I need to film the after school scene, fallowed by parts of the dream scene, along with a meeting with the manager of my local Paradise Video to film a scene there, and then also film another teaser trailer (The idea for it is already made). However, the soundtrack has already been decided on. Here it is:

1. A song by the band Artax (music video to be made after principle photography)
2. "Night of the Electric Bugs" from THE EXORCIST soundtrack
3. "The Portal (For Whom The Bell Tolls)" from the DONNIE DARKO
4. "Halloween Theme" from the one, the only, the classic HALLOWEEN
6. "Requiem For A Dream" from the film REQUIEM FOR A DREAM

More songs to be compiled soon.

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