Sunday, August 22, 2010

Production Diary 2

The director donning the Ghostface mask while holding the tripod with the small camera mounted up on it.

Well, day one of principle photography is over with and was it a blast. Excluding the beginning credits which will be achieved via stop motion animation, 10 minutes of footage has been shot. How many shots? Maybe 20. Are all of them going to be used? In all likelyhood, yes. One thing which I am doing is writing the script as we film. When we get down to the bottom of it, I am an impatient person when it comes to this therefore this is to help me stay confident. And thus far, it was been working. Let's hope some results will come up tommarow. Tommarow may be a break day though. It depends. Another thing about not writing the script 100% before hand is that when there is a delay, it is a good time to be taking a break or still work, only at a much less break neck pace.

It is cool that in less than 24 hours, two more people have been added to the project. And they are two of my best friends on the cybernetic work. Daniel Wickwire (who I know well and got to meet in Atlanta) and Logan Bombard (facebook aquaintence and dude who is working on G2 (sequel to Kiyotaka Taguchi's film, right now on hold). While this film is getting the Z treatment with no name stars and crew and $0 budget, the work being put into it is A list. Daniel is to be making a video soon which will be a video that teaches my character about pass serial killers that claim to have been poisoned by slasher films therefore they kill/they use slasher MO's and attributes for their killings.
Logan is doing something else all togeather. He might as well be counted as a second unit director. Much to my surprise, he has seen all of the Scream films and has a good idea of what I am doing. Plus, with him wanting to have some part in the film itself physicaly, he is going to be edited in as a form of the main character's insanity before it takes the definitive shape of Ghostface (see how the ideas are developing?). Logan is also doing something great and playing Dokken to my Nightmare on Elm Street 3. In other words, he along with his band is writing a song for the film and we are also going to get a music video done with me editing togeather his band Artax playing in slasher-like enviorments along with clips from the film which will sync up with the lyrics. Pretty good!
Last but not least, it is cool to see that the teaser for the film has been put up. While laughable, a nice amount of people have claimed a liking towards the trailer mostly because they keep in mind that everything is home made therefore it is not going to look like a top dollar Hollywood film nor even an independent production. Atleast John Carpenter had $350,000 to utilize. I don't. All I have is accouple of good friends, my equipment, and my passion. My drive. I just hope to utilize it to the best of my ability and really make something beautiful and something that can be alled art. One of my brother's friends from school got hold of the trailer and claimed it was "intriging" and that I was onto something.

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